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Wellness Therapy in Friendswood, TX.

Optimize Your Wellbeing

Bioidentical hormone replacement has helped thousands of men and women feel better. Hormone levels can naturally decline up to 10% yearly as we age. The BioTE Method of hormone optimization uses bioidentical hormone pellets, which contain testosterone or estrogen. Patient-specific pellets release a continuous stream of hormones after being placed subcutaneously in the body. The pellets dissolve over time. Amici Aesthetics also carries a wide range of BioTE clinical-grade Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals that benefit everything from Cardiovascular Health, Digestive Health, Inflammation to Sleep and Hormonal Support.

Wellness Therapy...


Increased energy & strength
Potential weight loss
Enhance mood, memory & mental clarity
Restores libido
Feel younger, healthier & happier

Effectively Treats:

Hormone imbalance
Memory Loss
Energy levels
Sex drive
Bone Density
Heart Health

Treats These areas:

Whole body & mind

Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
Therapy (BHRT) Right For Me?

BHRT is backed by science. Optimized hormones may help relieve age-related health issues. If you are concerned about decreased bone density, poor heart health, diminished cognition and memory, or reduced energy and sex drive, you may be a candidate for BHRT.

Determine your eligibility by scheduling a consultation with Amici Aesthetics founder and certified BioTE certified provider Margaret Goebel.

Find Your Power with BioTE®

You can feel younger, healthier, and happier with BioTE’s wide range of preventative supplements. BioTE boasts over 80 years of scientific insight into clinically validated medical protocols that identify and treat the earliest indicators of aging.

BioTE is dedicated to creating patient-centric strategies with reproducible clinical outcomes that optimize hormones and encourage healthy aging.

Wellness Therapy FAQs

Most people are good candidates for hormone replacement but there are some conditions that need to be controlled before treatment. Your practitioner will review your health history and blood work with you and make recommendations from there.

No not at all! Women produce testosterone too! Women just have smaller amounts. We use a formula based on hundreds of thousands of treated women to determine the best level of testosterone for optimal results and minimal side effects.

Increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, improve insulin resistance, reduces body fat and increases lean muscle, no adverse effects on platelets (injectable testosterone can increase platelet stickiness), improves HDL, reduced bone loss, improves cognition and memory

Some people complain of fluid retention, post menopausal bleeding, sleepiness with progesterone (we recommend taking this at night), acne, increase in hair growth. Many of these can be helped with optimal dosage and supplements.

They are made from yams. They have the same molecular structure as human hormones.

You will need to have bloodwork done prior to your initial insertion. Sometimes this includes a complementary visit with the nurse practitioner, but some clients choose to have blood drawn first. Once you labs are available, the nurse practitioner will do a health history, review labs, and explain the procedure. At that time if appropriate You will get your first round of pellets. You will then need to have labs drawn again in 4 weeks for men and 6 weeks for women. The nurse practitioner will call you when your labs are back.

Sometimes insurance companies will cover hormone pellets and bloodwork. It is up to you to submit the information to your insurance company. Amici Aesthetics does not bill to insurance and therefore all pellets and bloodwork done through us is cash pay.

Wonderful experience! Dr. Margaret was kind and professional. She patiently answered all my many questions. The staff was helpful and very accommodating. Will definitely be back!

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