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Expert modern approach to facial rejuventation & enhancement with little to no downtime


Expert modern approach to facial rejuventation & enhancement with little to no downtime

For patients looking for a facial rejuvenation or enhancement of certain facial features without surgery or downtime, facial injectables and fillers are an excellent option. Cosmetic injectables are among the most popular noninvasive procedures available. When applied with an expert hand, they magically transform one’s appearance in a subtle and natural fashion.

of Injectables & Fillers

  • Replenish Lost Volume
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Immediate results
  • Short, in-office procedures
  • Only topical anesthesia, if any, is necessary
  • Minimal discomfort

As we age, our skin loses its’ elasticity, resulting in lines and wrinkles. Sun damage significantly contributes to these changes. One of the more subtle, but significant, changes is the loss of volume. This is often seen in the upper cheeks, around the eyes, and throughout the lower face. The loss of volume in the top and bottom lip is also a typical symptom of the aging process.

At Amici Aesthetics, we offer the best available, most proven non-surgical injectable dermal fillers to soften facial folds and creases, plump thin lips and create more youthful facial contours. Botox injections and dermal fillers can also smooth out frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and other facial wrinkles.


As one of the most tried and true methods of non-surgical beauty enhancement, cosmetic injectables provides one of the simplest, most effective ways to get immediate results. Although there are many treatments available, we can help you determine which injectable will produce the most beautiful results for you.

There is a common misconception that Botox and filler treatments are a straightforward process – that anyone can do it. In reality, exceptional outcomes are highly dependent on the skill, experience, artistry, and judgment of the practitioner. Whether you’re looking to eliminate specific wrinkles or get a generally refreshed appearance, our aesthetic specialists have got you covered.

When it’s time to trade in the wrinkle cream jars and tubes for a nonsurgical anti-aging technique that really works, most men and women turn to injectable treatments. They can provide patients with tremendous benefits, including the chance to look younger without the long recovery time of plastic surgery. Discover the many benefits of dermal fillers to learn what makes them standout as such a popular choice for fighting the signs of aging.

BOTOX Cosmetic

One of our most popular anti-aging treatments, Botox works by paralyzing the precise facial muscles that cause deep wrinkles and fine lines, achieving a smooth.

Injectable Filler

The Juvéderm family of products can produce dramatic improvements in facial appearance. Made with hyaluronic acid, they add volume, smooth wrinkles, plump lips, and lift cheeks.


For the patients who have trouble getting rid of a double chin, Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable that’s an incredibly effective option to help get rid of a double chin.


The thickest filler available – It is often used as a non-invasive alternative to implant surgery to provide augmentation to the chin, or nose.


Similar to Botox, Xeomin is a highly purified, FDA approved Botulinum Toxin A clinically proven to treat frown lines and facial creases.


Thread Lift that can provide a pleasing, natural rejuvenation of the face with the benefit of no general anesthesia, rapid recovery & minimal cost.

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