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With Age Comes Wisdom… and Wrinkles

The saying that time waits for no man is unarguably true.

For men, part of growing up is accepting that youth must be left behind, just as surely as we said goodbye to our carefree boyhood. For all living creatures, the passing of time is a certainty.

This isn’t a bad thing. After all, men get smarter as the years go by. The experienced businessman, seasoned by sixty hour weeks and countless crises, has much to offer his younger counterparts in the way of counsel.

Likewise, we learn a lot through decades of human interaction, especially the years spent fathering our own children. Rebellious teenagers and stubborn young adults can be especially educational.

Life’s greatest struggles are ultimately life’s greatest gifts and learning experiences.

The old adage with age comes wisdom is true. Unfortunately, wisdom isn’t the only thing that accompanies a man who’s getting older.

Age spots, sun damage and wrinkles overwhelm the once glowing tautness of our early years. The eager, bright eyes are weighed down by folds of aged skin and often buried in a mess of crisscrossing lines. The strong chest and lean limbs give way to a soft middle and various degrees of unsightly flabbiness.

It’s understandable that a youth obsessed culture may not embrace wisdom from someone they view as unhealthy or on the verge of being decrepit.

But technology has given us options. These days, men can fight the hands of time as much as they choose to.

Skin resurfacing treatments with Alma’s ClearLift Plus can be done over a lunch hour, giving a man the ambitious looks of his former self. With no post-treatment downtime, this comfortable treatment is perfect for a man with a busy schedule.

Face and body treatments utilizing Radiofrequency, such as Alma’s JuVaShape Ultra or Coolsclupting, can help a man reclaim much of the youthful appearance he had in his past when progress at the gym has come to an utter standstill.

Tattoo removal can eradicate that youthful indiscretion picked up in ones 20’s or during the first serious relationship. The same can be said for the accumulated damage from days at the beach or nights at the bar.

Growing older isn’t bad. We’re undoubtedly lucky for each day we get to experience. How we experience growing older and how we look as we do it is completely up to us.

For men who wish to live as passionately as they did in their youth, advancements in aesthetic technology make this a remarkable era. Whether going for a look that says still ambitious or a full blown dangerously sexy, it’s all achievable with a talented provider who’s invested in the right technology.

Those providers are available right here at Amici Aesthetics

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